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Interview for Public Pressure:

Work in Raw Meat:


I am a professional, freelance photographer specialising in film, portraits and live music shots, touring and candid photography.

I also develop and manually print black and white 35mm and 120 film.

This is the very beginning of a website I hope to build on. I hope to include a recent series of photos as well as links to my work on the web. Photos on this site for now, are those from my original instagram account and go back as far as 2006.

I work independently, but am proudly go-to photographer for LOUD WOMEN and have been working with Calva Louise for over 5 years now. 

I am Deputy Editor for 98 Wounds Magazine, co-produced with photographer Neil Anderson. You can buy and read back issues and find out more here;

As well as our 98 Wounds Facebook and Instagram pages.


You can find more of my photography on instagram, @keiraaneephotography2 

In February 2022 my original account @keiraaneephotography was hacked. I believe it is still visible on the site (but it is not me).

You can also view updates and photos on facebook, under Keira-Anee Photography.

"Keira’s photography style is exquisitely versatile. It ranges from expressively raw; committed to capturing the truthful emotions in the moment, to natural looking posed photos and jaw-dropping portraits."

- Belinda Conde

My Story

I am a professional freelance photographer, specialising in portraits, posed band and live music photography.

This website features photos that were mostly posted on instagram, from the last 15 years.

I work in film and digital, developing and printing from home

I work mostly independently, but other projects include photography with LOUD WOMEN, 98 Wounds Magazine and Calva Louise, that you can find out more about here:

You can follow my photography page on facebook:


My instagram account was hacked in February 2022. Please don't follow any links from @keiraaneephotography - you can instead find me at @keiraaneephotography2

(I know, I know.. quite the upgrade!)

I will continue to update this website frequently with new work links and projects.

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